About the company

We a team of passionate developers, graphic designers, content producers, SEO specialists and social media experts.

The team at Edu360 is up to date with the latest technology and trends in website development. We are reliable, have fantastic communication skills and are energetic personalities. Through the years we have also built an extensive network of proven graphic designers, UX/UI designers, SEO specialists, content writers and photographers. When you hire Edu360, you also gain access to this invaluable network of professionals.

Our reputation to deliver successful projects have led us onto to multiple referrals and repeat business time and time again. We believe this a testament to the quality of service we provide.

Edu360 has completed projects for universities, research institutes and government institutions in Australia, Singapore and USA. We adhere to modern web development standards and practices so that you can get years of value out of your investment. We love serving our clients and no task is too small for us. We provide fantastic ongoing support and will be with you every step of the way as you continue to grow and will always offer you honest and well-researched advice.

Hey we've even won a British Design and Innovation award for Education called an Elton "Hold me closer tiny dancer!"for our work on the Doctors Speak Up project by the University of Melbourne - a website that trained immigrant doctors to communicate more clearly with their patients in rural Australia.

About the founder

Edu360 was founded by consultant and lead developer Sanny Veloo.

Sanny is a senior web developer trained at Udacity in Silicon Valley, California and the University of Melbourne.

He began his career after topping his an Internet programming class at university with a website he built for his band. The lecturers were so impressed they offered him a part-time summer tutoring job while Sanny was still completing his degree. The part-time gig eventually led to a full-time role at the University of Melbourne as a Wordpress and Drupal CMS developer.

After spending a couple of years working for the University of Melbourne on a range of multi-disciplinary projects across different Faculties, Research Institutes and administrative services, Sanny decided it was time to leave the university to take on other projects that would sharpen his web development skills.

Sanny soon found himself making the rounds across the top web development and advertising agencies in Melbourne as a contract developer. Across multiple working environments, Sanny was exposed to the latest web development standards, programming languages, UI/UX design principles and learnt how to build websites that achieved specific business goals.

He worked on high profile projects like ANZ, NAB, Mercedes Benz and industry Superfund websites, sometimes under very high pressure deadlines. Sanny also developed a reputation for always delivering the goods on time and on budget. He was always valued for his friendly, positive, upbeat, nurturing and collaborative working style.

As he began to build professional working relationships, Sanny soon noticed that a lot of education clients were beginning to offer extra work outside the agency environment. Soon enough, the "side hussle" became the "main hussle". Summoning his entrepreneurial spirit and channeling Tony Robbins, Tim Ferris and Gary Vaynerchuck, Sanny decided it was time to leave the agency environment to start his own company.

Edu360 was born!

Our people

People behind the scenes

We a team of passionate developers, graphic designers, content writers, photographers, SEO specialists and social media experts. When you hire Edu360, you will get access to our brilliant network.

Sanny Veloo
Founder, Consultant & Lead Developer