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The Deakin Alumni Communications team has engaged Sanny from Edu360 to provide template construction and coding services for over three years. Sanny shares his ideas and knowledge with our team and works closely and collaboratively with us. He is quick to respond to our needs and we have achieved the desired high-level outcomes with his support.

Gemma Wilocks, Alumni Relations Manager, Deakin University

The Brief

Deaking University Alumni needed to build a highly customised email template that would work with their Blackbaud mailing system. This was a clunky system that did not follow modern email software standards, but we were tasked with building a template that in spite of this, would render perfectly on all browsers, phones, tablets AND the MS Outlook. It was a huge undertaking indeed!

Our Approach

  • The Deakin Blackbaud system was not capable of building HTML templates that were cross compatible with devices, platforms and browsers using their WYSIWYG editor.
  • The setup of the mail server was incomplete and this contributed to multiple emails being flagged as spam by their recipients.
  • Many users were viewing emails on their phones, but the current template was not mobile responsive.
  • The bulk of their audience viewed emails in MS Outlook but their current template did not render correctly in Outlook.

Our Solution

  • Working together with Deakin’s graphic designers we came up with a design that would work across all platforms.
  • We then hand coded the template using HTML tables and limited use of CSS to overcome cross compatibility issues.
  • We implemented system overrides in the email to assist with rendering issues on MS Outlook.
  • We performed extensive testing using Email on Acid and Litmus testing services.
  • We troubleshooted the Deakin Email server and identified several issues that needed to be addressed by Blackbaud so that the email was not flagged as spam.

The Results

We created a beautiful template that continues to delight the Deakin Alumni audience each month!

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Sanny Veloo
Founder & Consultant

Sanny is a Melbourne based website consultant, designer and developer that has been working for the Education sector since 2011. Read more

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