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Sanny built us a website to exactly meet our needs and his advice throughout the process was invaluable. Nothing was ever too much trouble and he is an absolute pleasure to work with. He worked collaboratively with us and our graphic designers throughout the process to create a website that is user friendly, functional and looks great. We are thrilled with the result.

Phoebe Dent, Leaders in Indigenous Nursing and Midwifery Education Network, CATSINaM

The Brief

The The Congress of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Nurses and Midwives (CATSINaM) in Canberra was launching a new initiative called Leaders in Indigenous Nursing and Midwifery Education Network (LINMEN) and required a membership website to support a large community of Nurses and Midwives that would encourage networking and collaboration between it’s members.

CATSINaM reached out to Edu360 after an excellent referral from one of our clients at the University of Melbourne.

Our Approach

Collaborating with the LINMEN project team during Edu360’s in-depth website consultation and specifications process, we identified the website audience and key feature requirements. We then developed a website specifications document as a blueprint for building the site. This document was signed off by the LINMEN project team before development work began. Here’s what we identified that would inform the visual design, visual design and development.

  1. LINMEN’s audience were Registered Nurses or Registered Midwives and often with higher degrees and Uni students and and academics who were primarily female and over the age of 30.
  2. The website needed to encourage membership growth of the newly setup LINMEN network and meet KPI targets for end of 2018.
  3. A membership based website that offered useful services and resources that encouraged website visitors to signup.
  4. Create a secure online space for members to collaborate and share their networks and resources.
  5. A searchable resource database of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander history, health and culture and cultural safety.
  6. Promote attendance from LINMEN members to LINMEN events.
  7. Edu360 would need to collaborate with Dextrus Designs on the visual design of the site.
  8.  A CMS that allowed content the managed in-house and allow for modular feature upgrades as the network grew.
  9. Go live before the 2018 CATSINaM conference in Sept 2018 leaving only a three month period to get up and running!

Our Solution

Edu360 developed a website to exceed LINMEN’s requirements. We did this by developing a website that:

  • Had an attractive and dynamic homepage that displays snippets of member-only content to entice registration. This content was things like recently added resources, newest members, events etc which updated automatically on the homepage. However, when the user clicked on the content, they would be asked to register for a free account before gaining full access.
  • The site had a huge database of valuable resources with user friendly search, “add to member profile” feature. The resource database was easily updated in-house and also allowed for the bulk import of resources via a CSV file.
  • We developed a custom membership system which came with a member admin dashboard and that displayed content to the member based on their topic interests automatically.
  • The site also allowed each member to create and customise their own profile page with their professional and contact details, add their favourite resources from the database and indicate their topic interests. This encourage members to contact each other when they shared similar interests.
  • We built a searchable member directory which displayed members based on name, identity, organisation and topic interest.
  • We kept the registration form simple and intuitive so that potential members didn’t get annoyed in the process.
  • We integrated the CATSINaM Twitter feed into the LINMEN site by automatically displaying tweets with #LINMEN only.
  • Upcoming events were integrated with an Eventbrite system to allow for a streamlined process of promoting events and monitoring ticket sales and attendance.
  • We pixel perfectly implemented a beautiful visual design from Dextrus Designs and made it gorgeous across all devices and platforms.

The Results

The website has been a resounding success for CATSINaM. Keeping in mind that this was an entirely new network, CATSINaM needed to build a membership database from scratch with nothing other than a couple of organisation and university contacts.

However, in just three months since launch, the LINMEN website membership has grown to over 300 members and averages over 1,500 monthly visits. The feedback for members has been extremely positive with a majority commenting on how invaluable the member directory and resource database had become for building their industry networks and for research purposes.

The LINMEN website continues to perform successfully for CATSINaM.

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